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Holy Shroud Fragrance

Rodger and Greer Kenworthy, producers of ABBA Biblical fragrant oils for the past 27 years, have been researching and studying the Shroud of Turin for over 15 years.   Their first encounter with this sacred relic occurred in 2005 during a visit to the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.   They were invited by Father Giorgio, caretaker of the Garden at the time, to view a full-length replica of the first photographed image of the Shroud taken in 1898 which was on private display within the Garden compound.  It was a profound spiritual experience which God used to stir their hearts with a deep desire to learn more about this ancient linen cloth, which many believe to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus. 

Since that viewing, they have been seeking God’s direction on the possibility of producing a fragrance associated with this awe-inspiring relic. Through in-depth study of first century Jewish burial rites along with the resurrection account as told in the Gospels, the Kenworthys learned that various spices, resins and oils, such as myrrh, nard and aloes, were used to prepare a body for burial.  With the leading of the Holy Spirit, they began to formulate a fragrance using some of the same spices and oils which may have been on the linen burial cloth of Jesus.  

Now, after several years of inspiration, development and much prayer, it is with great joy that they announce the completion of this fragrant devotional oil inspired by the iconic Shroud of Turin. 


Our mission is to shed light on the spiritual aspect of the Holy Shroud of Turin as it pertains to fragrances that were used to prepare Jesus of Nazareth for his death, burial and resurrection.

We use the finest olive oil from the Galilee and a special gifted oil from the Garden of Gethsemane in the Holy Land, blended with the finest of resins and spices in the production of the Holy Shroud Fragrance. Our commitment is to serve and undergird individuals and ministries throughout the world who use this special fragrance in their devotional time, in worship and in prayer. Powerful scriptures and prayer are provided with this product to encourage and instruct the user.



We strive for excellence in everything we do and our Holy Shroud Fragrance is designed to bring honor to the King of Kings, whether used personally or given as a gift.  As this fragrant oil is used in devotion and prayer for healing, cleansing, deliverance, dedication and consecration and during times of worship and intercession, many will experience a deep awareness of His presence. 



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